Spaces Project
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About the Project

SPACES promoted artistic and cultural action in public space and the recuperation of public spaces for art, culture and urban residents.

We curated and carried out participatory art events in public spaces in Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine. Processes of networking, social research and policy debates accompanied the in situ events.

Project Duration: 3 years (Dec. 1st 2011- Nov. 30st 2014)

Main questions

How can the art and cultural actors in these countries find new audiences and new places for artistic expression? What about the potential of public space in the cities for art, culture and civil society? What could be desirable new concepts for cultural governance in the region?

To find answers to these questions, SPACES collaborates with artists, cultural workers, activists and civil society groups in the four countries and beyond.

Main goals that we have reached:

  • Four innovative examples for appropriating public space through arts
  • Capacity building for independent cultural initiatives
  • New sustainable transnational cultural networks
  • Policy advice for cultural governance in the region

People we were able to reach

With our actions, we reached citizens of Chisinau, Kyiv, Tbilisi and Yerevan, artists and cultural workers in the region and beyond, experts and activists concerned with public space and urban fabric, researchers and students (from cultural policy to contemporary art), and local authorities and policy makers wherever the political situation allowed it.