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Artists in Residency in 2014

Three residencies took place in Moldova, one residency in Ukraine, two residencies in Armenia and two residencies in Georgia. 

Gruppa Predmeti, artist in residency in October 2014, in Yerevan, Armenia 

Gruppa predmeti has been in the residency in Yerevan at NEST community center in the period between 18-24 October 2014. 

Torange Khonsari and Metropolitan University Students, artists in residency in November 2014, Yerevan, Armenia

Between 13-20 November Associate Partner Torange Khonsari and 10 design and architecture students from London Metropolitan University were hosted in the residency and worked together with Armenian architectural students (7 Armenian students joined the workshops) on the role of the ‘Besedkas’/courtyard structures as unique public spaces. From 16-18th November, 3 reading sessions on public space and architecture led by Torange Khonsari took place. On 19th of November public presentations and discussions resulting from this residency took place at THE CLUB under the title “Urban Takeover” 

Tekla Aslanishvili (Georgia-Germany), artist in residency from July 14-28, 2014 in Kyiv, Ukraine

Tekla carried out a lecture-performance called “Claim Your Power!” on July 26, 2014 
During her residency she did a research on the local art and activist scene and was involved in meetings with women from Zhinocha sotnya and women who were active during events on Maidan. 


Jaroslav Sedlak /Sarka Svobodova (Czech Republic) - 4AM as artists in residency from March 30 - April 15 2014 in Tbilisi, Georgia.They also were part of the 10 days workshop in Tbilisi. 

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