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Chisinau Civic Center

SPACES Caravan Moldova: „Chisinau Civic Center – beyond the red lines “
September 4th – 22nd, 2013, in Chisinau - Moldova

Conference, workshops, lectures, screenings and public space programme - See the full programme

How did the role of art and of the artist evolve during the last two decades, after a new societal model driven by a market economy and neo-liberal ideology replaced the authoritarian regimes in our region? It is well known that art in Soviet Union was a powerful tool of criticism, which fact made the state determined to keep it under control by putting in place a system of creative unions, cultural institutions, state commissioned works and through widespread censorship. In fact it accomplished this by clearly outlining its area of action (in line with the interests of the party) and by isolating art and artists from various other processes that were taking place in the society. The question is: Has art preserved its critical potential today, two decades later, and have artists been able to offer an alternative to the newly established order? How - through research, urban planning, architecture, activism and art - can we make our cities more inclusive and democratic, in order to resist the neo-liberal transformations that produce so much inequality and alienation?

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Watch the discussion of research experts on Rebulika TV: Anna Khvyl, Ruben Arevshatyan, Levan Asabashvili and Vladimir Us discussing the development of public space in post-Soviet countries.


This programme was organised by Vladimir Us, Oberliht