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Katharina Stadler in Yerevan, Armenia

Katharina Stadler at the residency in Yerevan between August 30 - September 30 2013 

  • Dialogue with Nazareth Koaroyan on the Art Educational issues in Georgia and Yerevan in collaboration with the ICA Yerevan, September 18
  • Sound workshops “Baghramyan Soundscapes on the Map”, September 27 and 28
  • Wartehallen: - project presentation, September 29

Katharina Stadler is a sound artist who works with different media on an interdisciplinary basis. Her work is process-based and refers to questions of memory, absence, identity, gender discourse, neo-colonialism and education. She diffuses artificially constructed borders of time, thinking and consciousness, mostly through the exploration of memory as an essential constant of daily life.

Katharina was born in Vienna and trained in Berlin and Reykjavík. She now lives in Tbilisi, Georgia, where she is curator of educational programs at the Center of Contemporary Art (CCA) and teaches sound art.

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