Spaces Project
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London Metropolitan University

will work from the perspective of different scales of space and its usage.

They will address the relation between the informal and formal aspects of a site. They are engaging in participative research, exploring directions in which intangible cultural heritage expressions can be used to inform and influence local policy, development and other social-cultural dialogues. They also address the question how the public realm is shaped by its various users and how existing dynamics can inform further proposals. Their focus is the production and extension of a particular public space through participation and collaborations.

Jonathan Karkut

After an early career in exploration geology, Jonathan completed a masters degree in the anthropology and sociology of travel and tourism and has since been based at London Metropolitan University. Most recently through his experience in the field of intangible heritage and its applications to tourism, he has been part of the London Metropolitan University team that has helped the Regional Management and Support Unit (RMSU) deliver training workshops and conferences to the 12 active projects in the EU Euromed Heritage 4 programme.


Julie Scott

A senior research fellow in tourism, culture and development at London Metropolitan University. Her work, with its particular focus on Cyprus and the Mediterranean, explores the role of memory and intangible heritage in conflict and post-conflict societies. She has also published on casino tourism, female entrepreneurship and employment in the tourism industry, and the material practice of project implementation. She convened a major EU project creating a database of oral history and cultural practice in a network of Mediterranean cities.