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Mashtots Park Movement, Yerevan, February – April 2012

Mashtots Park in Yerevan became a site for civic resistance and public debate since February 2012.

SPACES with its partner got involved in this movement with activities ranging from public readings to film projections and an exhibition.

The Mashtots Park Movement in Yerevan is concerned with issues such as illegal or inadequate constructions, the destruction of trees and green zones in Yerevan, but also the questions of citizens' self-determination, fight against corruption and oligarchy, the prevalence of public interests over private are raised. SPACES/ got involved in Mashtot Park with an Open Source Bookstore, Utopian Readings (within the frames of OS Bookstore), Civic Tribune (Talks and Presentations), "Private/Public" – an exhibition of photography archives, and projections of context-related films and videos.

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Information about the Mashtots Park Movement