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Paula Durinova in Chisinau, Moldova

Paula Durinova at the residency in Chisinau between April 6 - July 4 2012

Slovakian artist Paula Durinova focused during her residency in Chisinau on exploring the rhythm of the city life, the existing conflicts and public policies that were determining the development of places of common use during the last two decades.

Some of the results of her residency are her documentary film "Eternal Play" and the documentary work "From Concrete Waves to a Pink Balcony". A Public Discussion and Presentation by Paula Durinova, K.A.I.R/KIOSK, was held on April 25, 2012, in the Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts, Chisinau.

"Eternal play” articulates the notions of conflict and struggle by comparing two important spaces in Chisinau, Moldova, through the voice of people related to them. The “Eternity”-Memorial primarily called “Victory” is a huge, monumental space founded by Soviet authorities in the 70-ies. Now this “tribune” for political manifestations it is uniquely filled once a year during the 9th of May celebrations. In contrast to it the chess players’ square situated on Mateevici Street represents a segment of a street transformed into a constantly full open-air chess club as a follow up of the obscure privatization processes from 90s which demolished the former chess club by building a luxury private space instead of it.

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