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May 28th, 2012
June 2nd, 2012

Two policy forum sessions took place in Tbilisi during the first implementation phase of the SPACES project.


Three main points:
- Gathering of the local independent cultural actors/setting the platform for joint action
- Opening a dialogue between representatives of the independent scene and governmental institutions (inlcuding a meeting at the Ministry of Culture)
- Exchange of experiences related to the independent cultural scenes in the partner countries, strenghten interregional cultural ties.

Although there have been several attempts to initiate a joint platform of the non institutionalized cultural actors in Tbilisi in the past, so far, they have not been realized or moved forward. A significant number of cultural workers gathered at the Tbilisi Policy Fora and expressed the strong wish to work together. Several students joined the sessions as well, proving once again the natural connection between the independent culture and the youth.

Participants defined defined three main points to deal with:
- need for transparency of the procedures of the Ministry of Culture and its communication/dialogue with the independents
- need for physical spaces for independent cultural actors
- cultural policy that recognizes and takes into account the great relevance of the independent scene within the national art and culture world.

A main result was an open letter to the Georgian Minister of Culture, Mr. Nikolaus Rurua, that a delegation of SPACES partners and representatives of the Georgian independant art scene handed to the Minister personally. It was a symbolical begining of the negotiation processes.