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Public Space Events

The Caravan Concept

At a rhythm of six months, the SPACES caravan travelled from one city to the next, combining theoretical debate, in situ arts events and participatory approaches. Before and after these main events, our partners in the countries of action held smaller public space events on a regular basis in their city.

The growing in situ events

- provided visibility to issues related to arts in society
- articulated possible usage/re-usage of the spaces

Who curated?
We established a collective curating team in which all partners are represented. This team proposed and selected artistic/cultural actions that specifically fit to the character of the partners’ institutions on the one hand, to the local situation, needs and constraints on the other, and represented the main ideas of the SPACES project.

What kind of events?
The public programmes served as a practical example for the potential and spaces of possibilities in the cities. What participatory actions are doable in the given geopolitical situation? Which stakeholders to involve? How to involve urban dwellers on the one hand, administrative representatives on the other? Our public space actions ranged from performances in underground passages in Tbilisi to open air cinema screenings in Chisinau, public readings in empty fountains in Yerevan and a participatory art programme in a sleeping city in Kyiv.