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School of missing studies

We held and organized workshops, seminars, lectures and debates for know-how transfer and exchange.

Topics included sustainable city, gentrification, art and protest movements, reflection of the socialist past, gathering artists, theoreticians, critics, students etc as integral part of the “schools” expanding into the interventions in public space or similar events. These units served as a vehicle to make problematic issues public (in relation with the SPACES objectives), sharing them with experts, citizens and society as a whole.

Our workshops, lectures, presentations and discussions:

Participation VS Participatory

City dwellers and urban interventions

by Anna Danilewicz on November 9th, 2013.
GeoAIR invited artists, activists, researchers, cultural managers and actors for participating in the workshop concerning participatory approaches in urban interventions. See the pictures

“Architecture of Opportunities”

Presentation of art research by Yuriy Kruchak, May 26, 2013, Kyiv.

In the frame of the SPACES Caravan Kyiv, Architecture of Common.

“Fight for Space which Never Ends: Center for Independent Culture and Youth in Zagreb”

Lecture by Natasa Bodrozic, May 25, 2013, 14:00-15:30, Kyiv

About the development of the independent cultural centre in Zagreb.
In the frame of the SPACES Caravan Kyiv, Architecture of Common.

“Kyivproject” and “Guerrilla Strategies for Urban Changes”

May 25, 2013, Kyiv

Presentation “Kyivproject”: Research on Soviet Modernism in Kyiv, by Oleksandr Burlaka and Ivan Melnychuk / Presentation “Guerrilla Strategies for Urban Changes”, by Partizaning -Igor Ponosov.
In the frame of the SPACES Caravan Kyiv, Architecture of Common.

Whose City?

Lecture by Prof. Roman Tsybrivsky, May 24, 2013, Kyiv.

Some comments from Abroad for the Citizens of Kyiv about Developers, Gentrification, and the Rights and Responsibilities with Respect to Urban Space for the Public at Large.
In the frame of the SPACES Caravan Kyiv, Architecture of Common.

“Practices of Collective: Financing of Socially Meaningful Projects in Ukraine”

Presentation by Iriyna Solovey, May 24, 2013, 16:00-17:30, Kyiv

In the frame of the SPACES Caravan Kyiv, Architecture of Common.

Discussion with Nina Kurtela

March 20, 2013, The National Science Library, Tbilisi

Presentation, film screening and discussion with Zagreb and Berlin based artist Nina Kurtela, SPACES artist in residence with GeoAIR in Tbilisi, Georgia; see also Residency Nina Kurtela

Student Workshop in Tbilisi

March 14, 2013, Tbilisi - Georgia

Showing Nina Kurtela´s film 'Transformance' and discussing it with MA students in anthropology within the visual anthropology class; see also Residency Nina Kurtela

Presentation for students in Kyiv

March 11, 2013, Kyiv, Ukraine

CSM presents the SPACES project for the students of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (presentation by K.Gorlenko, I.Tyshchenko, S.Shlipchenko)

Mapping of public space in Chișinău

Series of Workshops between December 2012 – March 2013:

Mapping of public space in Chișinău workshops: Working with the documentation, translating the texts about each location, publishing them on the web page, finalizing the Google maps. See also SPACES Mapping and read more about the workshops.

Working Room

April 26, Friday, 6pm

Presentation and Discussion: the results of WORKING ROOM, a series of sessions initiated by artist Yuriy Kruchak


Workshop "Public space supporting social life"

with Richard S. Levine / Levan Asabashvili/ Heidi Dumreicher, held at Tbilisi Academy of Art, May 2012


Discussion Platform SPACES of Negotiation

20.09 – 29.09.2012, Kyiv, Ukraine

What about the role and format of art projects in public and unconventional spaces? From art in protest space to reclaiming the city and urban curating. Inputs by, amongst others, Yuriy Kruchak and Yulia Kostereva, Elke Krasny, Romana Schmalisch, Stefan Rusu.