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Working Room

April 26, Friday, 6pm

Presentation and Discussion: the results of WORKING ROOM, a series of sessions initiated by artist Yuriy Kruchak

Architecture of Opportunities is a series of working sessions initiated by artist Yuriy Kruchak. Its aim is to start a new practice of collaboration between representatives of different activist social, art, and professional communities while elaborating a concept of a multifunctional cultural centre, which potentially could be built at the location of the former Soviet sewing factory Yunist.

Sessions with activists, art community and cultural managers were held in April. The participants received three questions to answer: “Can a multifunctional cultural centre have a political position, and if yes – which one?”, “How can we make the local audience our partners and adherents?”, “What resources can we find and involve for the support of art and social practices, a multicultural cultural centre, by working together on both local and international levels?”.

The outcomes of the three sessions can be summed up as following: the activists see this centre as an institution where the horizontal relations among different invited communities will be built. They imagine it mostly as a cluster where every invited organization will be able to work at least 2-3 years. The art community emphasizes the vertical model of relations and necessity to create a service structure which will moderate the work of communities in the centre. The cultural managers also see the necessity to create a service structure of the centre, while describing it as an independent institution which might be able to support itself in time.

The last session is public and all those interested to take part in the final discussion together with the participants of the previous sessions are invited. This session will present the vision of every group in detail as well as give them a chance to hear opinion of visitors regarding the elaborated concepts.

The outcome of these sessions – the elaborated model, the video of the working process and other materials – will be presented in the framework of Architecture of Common (May 23-26, location of the former sewing factory Yunist) in the framework of the SPACES project in Kyiv.

Invited participants: Tonya Melnyk, Iryna Solovey, Aksinya Kurina, Mykola Skyba, Kateryna Botanova, Oleksandr Burlaka, Oksana Forostyna, Volodymyr Kuznetsov, Iryna Kudrya, Yuliya Filonenko, Vlad Goldakovskiy, Vira Baldyniuk.

WORKING ROOM is a platform for talk about art as a process, which takes place in the institution that does not exhibit anything. The audience becomes an active participant of every project, analyses the artists’ method and reflects on it. The artist in turn analyses these reflections. Thus, both the artist and the audience are involved in the creative process.

Yuriy Kruchak is a participant of numerous Ukrainian and international projects, initiator of the artist-run space Open Place. His works in public spaces transform spectators into actors, creating a community whose behavior and interaction provide the basis for interpretation and identification of social structures in the urban environment.